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Hi! My name is CJ Baldry.

I am a Clinical Sexologist, Educator and Researcher. I have various degrees in the health sciences, including Post Graduate Degrees in Sexology & Psychology.

I am affiliated with the Society of Australian Sexologists, ASSERT NSW and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

I embrace the philosophy and code of ethics associated with these societies and boards – welcoming standards of practice and upholding the oaths with honourable intentions.

I passionately embrace the ‘WAS Millennium Declaration of Sexual Rights’; which states that ‘sexual rights are fundamental and universal rights’.


My research interests are as diverse as my patients; however, I currently have research interests in Pre-Pubescent Transgender Children (paediatric gender dysphoria) and ‘Love & Culture’ – the study of cultural influence in love practices and attitudes/ values around the world.

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Private Practice

I welcome heterosexual and LGBTTTIQAP+ orientated individuals to my practice and workshops. My style of both therapy and training is assertive, I work with facts and the application of a ‘no nonsense approach’. I find this works best when understanding new information – the key is knowledge – it is powerful and unlocks countless assets in providing solid foundations of awareness and empowerment. My patients love this approach as it offers a constructive way to manage time with me and provides clarity outside the therapy/ education sessions.

For Individuals:

  • Painful Intercourse (dyspareunia)/ Vaginismus
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Sexual arousal disorders 
  • Sexual Desire/ Arousal / Orgasmic difficulties
  • Premature/ delayed ejaculation
  • Gender identity disorders/ dysphoria (pre / post puberty)
  • Sexual identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Divorce, Separation & Loss
  • Sexual Health and Disability
  • Sex and illness

For Couples (same sex & heterosexual) & Polyamorous:

  • Mismatched libidos
  • Compulsive sexual behaviour (cybersex/ pornography)
  • Fear of intimacy/ touch
  • Sex & Intimacy & Health
  • Sex & other Relationships
  • Differences in values/ interests
  • Infidelity
  • Commitment issues
  • Seeking pre-marital & inter-marital psychotherapy
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To ensure I continue my currency in knowledge and practice I regularly attend educational workshops/ seminars both online and face to face. Recently; I completed a certificate via Boston University in ‘Gender and Sexuality: Application in Society” and attended a seminar in “Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior: Rethinking Sex Addiction” – guest speaker Douglas Braun- Harvey from The Harvey Institute. I am extremely passionate about education – I love receiving education – I love participating in education – I love sharing knowledge from education. As a Sexologist, I make opportunities for education a priority both within therapy and in workshops. I favourite reward is seeing the “light bulb moment”. 

The following scope of sexual health topics and interest are included however are not limited to in group workshops and guest speaker presentations:

  • Sex Positive Parenting*
  • Masturbation and ME
  • SEX & Illness
  • 101 = Sex & Safety
  • LGBTTTIQAP+ = Lets’ Talk
  • The Science of Attraction
  • Infidelity - The Why Factor
  • Sexuality a History
  • Triggered - Checking while checking out
  • Love Language/ Self Love Language
  • The Importance of Pleasure
  • Sex Me Text Me
  • Consent - Has nothing to do with sex
  • You can't dis-able my sex
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Please contact me via my details on my website for further discussion of topics and calendar requests/ availability. 

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CJ Baldry
Clinical Sexologist