baby in the arms of dad
Oh Baby Oh Baby… AFTER BABY!
Who am I… now… that I am parent? What does that mean to me? What does that mean to my partner? What do I feel about them as a parent? What do I think about my body? What does that me to my relationship? And what does that mean to my sex and intimacy in myself and my relationship? These are big questions… they require a lot of thought, direction and guidance and honesty. Let us concentrate on one question (no doubt the elephant in the room).  \ How can I keep sex and intimacy in my relationship after the baby arrives?
The Talk – How to
I work with an increasing number of parents and carers who are very much daunted by the dreaded “birds and bees” talk! Questions like… What do I say when they ask me about “SEX” and any other related questions…? My answer unlike this topic… is… simple. THE TRUTH! And then I get asked… “yes but… they are only 7 years old… or 10 years old… or 26 years old! What do I say – that is the truth – BUT is age appropriate?”
NSW Women’s Week 2020
I am excited to be presenting two sessions at NSW Women’s Week 2020 on…
Don’t Dis-Able My Sex
One could say from a certain point of view – “Justin” is genuinely lucky to be alive – surely 12 months’ worth of care in a hospital and other rehabilitation centres is worthy of the ‘assumption’ that the injuries he sustained were from a pretty horrific accident. No doubt… family, friends, colleagues and others were extremely grateful when “Justin” survived the ordeal and was able to come out the other side – firstly alive and secondly; with mental capacity and physical function. But! It is here where I ask the question – do we look at the instant gratification of “surviving the odds” and that becomes simply good enough?