Question and Answer Time!

What is a Sexologist anyway?

A sexologist is a person who studies the interdisciplinary science of human sexuality. This includes human sexual interests, behaviours and functions.

What does that really mean?

A sexologist is a person who has studied and continues to study human sexuality including sexual relationships. Sexologists have studied the science of sex – which includes human anatomy and physiology and psychology regarding sexuality.

Is that it?

No. A sexologist can be; a Clinical Sexologist, a Sexologist in Education or a Researcher in Sexology.

Can you be all three?

Yes. However, I consider myself a Clinical Sexologist... even though I work very much in education and research.

Who do you educate?

Well... patients who are in therapy... professional people – especially those who work in looking after and educating other humans – for example – personal carers, teachers, nurses and much, much more.

And what do you research?

My two main focus points at the moment are “paediatric gender dysphoria” – pre pubescent specifically and how culture influences love and relationships 

So, who does a Sexologist help?

Anyone. Anyone who has a need for exploring or unpacking their sexual interests, behaviours or habits... Anyone who would like to know more about their sexual function or dysfunction... Anyone who would like to explore their sexual orientation or gender identification! Anyone.

Do you work alone or with other professionals?

It depends on each individual presentation. For example: If someone was needing a medical referral to gain a medical understanding/intervention of an area of the body which was dysfunctional; I refer to a medical doctor for this to take place. This does not mean that I do not see this person anymore, it just means we work with their doctor to achieve their goal. Another referral pathway I regularly use is to physiotherapists - especially those who are specialists in reproductive health – for example a women’s health physiotherapist.

So, is that it?

No... there is a lot more to it than that.

Can people see you for therapy at a practice as such?

I have a practice where patients see me however I also work on zoom or Skype and that works too especially for those who cannot get to me.

Do you travel around a lot?

Yes... with both my private practice and education programs. I travel mostly in and around country NSW. However I do go everywhere for my education programs – I enjoy it!

You must like sex if you like to talk about it a lot for your job?

Well... you'd be surprised at how much I don't talk about sex in therapy sessions...or in my education programs – I talk about a lot of things around sex.

What the most popular question people ask you...?

You have just asked me it...

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